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IslandNet 'Anywhere Anytime' solution offers the most secure solution for delivering application because of centralised application delivery.


It keeps data in the datacenter whilst transmitting only screen updates, mouse clicks and keystrokes over the networks.


It lets the administrator assign application access, ensuring that storage policies for specific applications and user groups whilst ensuring that valuable information remains secure.




Islandnet anywhere anytime solution allows organization to now introduce BYOD which allows for work place flexibility. Employees are now able to bring their own devices to work, this in intern translate to employees comfort and increase productivity. Application control and access can be applied to device whiles employees are on the company network thus controlling access to social site or any application that would not contribute to the organization productivity. This solution comes with the benefits of mobility. Whether it is local, national, or international, travel plays a large role within most organizations. With islandNet solution, it’s now possible to check email on a plane, finish proposal; from a hotel room or access all your company’s data and application anywhere anytime on any device.


Even when disaster strikes, your staff and Customers will have a peace of mind knowing that they can still access their business application from home or anywhere. A happy employee spends far more time focusing on their work rather complaining about stress .Employees who works with Islandnet anywhere anytime solution work more efficiently because they are not limited to a desk, have fewer distraction, and most importantly, they have healthier work/home life balance.

To ensure that there is always connectivity to your network application islandnet anywhere anytime solution includes a firewall and redundant internet solution this gives you guarantee network security and internet uptime.


As the leader of a company, you know that the most important thing to your business is your customers and employees. To get the best from your employee so that they can in tern deliver the best service to your customers, give your business the full benefit of a  Islandnet Anywhere anytime access solution!  


Users can instantly access Application from whichever client operating system or device is most convenient—a desktop or laptop PC, Macintosh, thin client, and even mobile devices such as the iPhone.

Any Device Access


Greatly Increase Productivity!





Citrix for Mobile Device Management

The World Has Gone Mobile!

IslandNet works in synergy with Citrix, the world leader in cloud technologies which guarantees

that IslandNet customers, have access to secure solutions that enable work productivity;

from any location, any device and at any time!



Never before has this been available in the Caribbean region on the scale offered by IslandNet.  

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Our customer will have the option to either deploy this Anywhere, Anytime, and on AnyDevice solution in-house on existing servers, or from within the IslandNet Cloud.


Whichever option is chosen, the solution will give users access to their data from any smart device making them more productive.


IslandNet has also included an additional layer of security for the enterprise which completely secures any of the client data to the mobile device. The customer can also utilize additional features of this service to send/receive priority data across its network while also securing any pc/server in-house from any inside or outside intrusions. In summary, the solution is secure, reliable, and comprehensive.



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