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MDM A Foundation Element

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The MDM solution has become a powerful medium for mobile information access. It can be used as a medium for learning, transacting, and presenting. It also has the ability to transform businesses.


The foundational element of many enterprises’ mobility agendas is MDM. MDM provides management and security of mobile devices through their lifecycle.


The IslandNet team understands the different challenges that various organizations face and as such have developed different avenues to deliver this solution. Listening to your problem and finding the best suite of solutions, is what we do best at IslandNet.


IslandNet prides itself with not only providing the solution but also helping you with reports and analysis that will assist your team with making the best decision.


Depending on your organization needs and budget this solution can be hosted in-house or by the IslandNet team within their cloud infrastructure.

Delivering Tailored Solutions!

Citrix XenMobile MDM demo - mobile device management

Complete Enterprise Mobility Management

IslandNet works in synergy with Citrix, the world leader in cloud technologies which guarantees that your employees can use any device they choose, while IT can ensure mobile device security and corporate compliance with role-based controls such as jail-broken or rooted device detection and selective wipe of work data.



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The IslandNet team has always been ahead of their competitors when it comes to introducing the newest technologies. And today the newest trends are smart devices such as tablets and smart phones to name a few.  While the transition of mobile phones into computers has been a long time, businesses are now introducing these devices to their employees; however their challenge is now how to manage and control all of these different devices.  Again, the IslandNet Team has partnered with the world leaders in Mobile Device Management (MDM) Citrix to provide businesses with the Best Mobile Device Management solution Citrix Xenmobile

Citrix XenMobile MDM

Citrix XenMobile MDM Edition

IslandNet Citrix mobile solution features enterprise MDM with XenMobile as well as Citrix Mobile solution bundle.  Xenmobile Edition provides role-based management, configuration and security of corporate and user-owned devices, all running on secure, enterprise MDM architecture.  Among other things, it can enroll and manage any device, blacklist or whitelist apps, detect jail broken devices and do a full or selective wipe of a device that is out of compliance. This solution gives users device choice while ensuring compliance of corporate assets and the security of corporate content on the device on the device. A good way to organize the key feature of MDM is to consider the steps of the mobile device lifecycle,



1. Configure


2. Provision


3. Secure


4. Support


5. Decommission




IslandNet have recognised the rapid changes in device and information access. Organisations whether willfully or forcefully will have to adapt to the changes of mobile device integration while employees no longer want to be restricted to one device, they want the freedom to choose. However organisations have one major concern and that is security. The tremendous opportunity created by enterprise adoption of consumer mobile devices certainly brings risk and IT complexity. An IslandNet Citrix MDM solution address all these security concerns and more. With enterprise MDM provided by Citrix Xenmobile MDM edition, IT can take its enterprise to the next level in mobility in a simple straightforward, and secure manner.



Besides configuring device and app security settings during configuration, XenMobile MDM Edition lets administrators take further security action in the event of loss, theft or user departure. The solution keeps an audit trail of administrator actions and integrates with enterprise security systems for threat correlation and analysis.


This includes:


• Locate, track, and geo-fence devices


• Lock devices or set an auto-lock policy after a defined period of time


• Create automated compliance actions such as wipe devices after a defined number of failed login attempts or if devices leave a defined



• Integrate with security information tools for threat detection and reporting



Taken together, these features allow administrators to take automated or manual security actions and bring mobile in-line with the organization’s security and compliance status.



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